Dear Hornets Fans,

The Hornets family announced yesterday that the NBA will move forward with the purchase of 100 percent of our franchise. This is a positive move for the Hornets and assures stability and adequate funding for our team.

We are confident that we are building our organization into a best-in-class franchise, and we are developing a philosophy that is focused on winning, performing at the highest levels and using our resources to make a difference in the community in which we live and work.

George Shinn has been an exceptional owner for the franchise throughout the 22 years the Hornets have been in existence, and Gary Chouest has been extremely supportive as minority owner over the last few seasons. We plan to continue to build upon the culture they created. Our team will remain focused on two main goals:

●We will continue to build a legacy in the local community by maintaining a championship-caliber team on the court and through our numerous community initiatives off the court,

●We will continue to develop a path and plan for a local owner to bring an NBA Championship to New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

We have a strong working partnership with the NBA, and they understand and support our business and basketball philosophies. We have a talented staff in place working toward a common goal, and we will continue to get better.

Our focus remains to create fun, exciting and memorable experiences; build a legacy in our community with integrity and passion and serve as global ambassadors for our hometown of New Orleans. Your continued support is crucial to the overall success of our franchise, now more than ever.

We are proud to call New Orleans home, and look forward to building on the momentum of this exciting season!


Hugh Weber(New Orleans Homets President)
Jac Sperling(NBA Governor)

注:目前應Davie Stern之請管理黃蜂的,是生長於紐奧爾良的體育律師、NHL明尼蘇達荒野(Minnesota Wild)副主席Jac Sperling。

Jac Sperling.jpgSperling任務是妝點黃蜂賣相,然後……當然就是賣掉!被墨西哥灣漏油事件搞得無心旁顧的Gary Chouest,也未必不會回心轉意。

〔Interesting question〕如果遲遲未能脫手,且黃蜂必須繳豪華稅,那……誰來繳呢?

By LEO 2010.12.13


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